3 ways to brighten up a dark room

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your home’s dark rooms? Well don’t worry, because there are a few different things you can do to make the space brighter and more welcoming. In this blog post, we will explore three of the most popular methods. So, whether you’re looking for a quick and easy fix or want to go all out with a remodel, read on for some great ideas!

Add mirrors 

If you have limited light coming into your room, putting up mirrors is the easiest home upgrade that you can make to tackle this issue. The natural and artificial light will bounce off the mirrors and spread around the room, instantly giving it a brighter feel. This is also a good upgrade to make because you can get stylish mirrors that will improve your room’s aesthetic. 

Install new windows and doors

The absolute best way to brighten your dark room is by letting more natural light in. Installing a sliding door or a large window will completely transform your space, letting all of the wonderful light and warmth in with the sun. If you don’t have enough wall space then why not try having a roof lantern installed instead? These are great for letting in the sun for a north facing room, and give amazing benefits for the entire year. As well as improving your light, large windows and doors will keep those energy costs down, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint due to the amount of natural light being let into your home.

Paint your walls

We all love a fresh lick of paint on our walls, but the colour you choose could greatly impact how light and bright your room feels. Darker walls are going to close in a space, and make it appear darker than it really is. Colours like cream, pastel blue, yellows, pastel pink and white are all going to give your room that spacious and bright feeling that we all want our homes to have. Painting your walls is also a great chance to play around with some amazing colour combinations.

While there are many ways to brighten up a dark room, these three methods are some of the most popular and effective. If you’re ready to make the ultimate home upgrade and install new windows and doors, then you need to trust MLI Building Products to be your expert suppliers. Get your free quote from our website today, and find out how much happier you could be in your home.