victorian conservatory
29 April 2022

Benefits and drawbacks of uPVC windows and doors

uPVC window and door installation can be a big job, but one that offers many benefits to the homeowner. This type of material is a popular choice among homeowners for their durability, insulation and weather resistance. While this material offers many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider before making your decision to use […]

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bi-fold doors
28 March 2022

3 ways to brighten up a dark room

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your home’s dark rooms? Well don’t worry, because there are a few different things you can do to make the space brighter and more welcoming. In this blog post, we will explore three of the most popular methods. So, whether you’re looking for a quick and easy […]

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28 February 2022

The Benefits Of Installing A Rooflight

Have you ever considered having rooflights installed into your home? If not, then we’re hoping this blog will change your mind! Rooflights are a growing trend amongst homeowners, they’re great for brightening and warming a home, adding value, and even decreasing your carbon footprint by reducing the energy needed for your home.  Continue reading to […]

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green composite door
25 January 2022

Exterior Door Buying Guide

The choice of the exterior door for your home or business is a big decision. It can make or break the kerb appeal and it impacts how safe your space is. Use this guide to help select the perfect exterior door that will provide all of these benefits while also complementing the look and style […]

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gable-end conservatory
17 December 2021

Why Is A Conservatory Better Than An Extension?

A  conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home. It can serve as an extension of your living space, or provide a space for new activities for the family while also offering  some much needed natural light. When it comes to deciding between a conservatory or extension, the answer is clear. A conservatory will provide […]

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newly fitted doors
26 November 2021

Buyer’s Guide To Window Materials

There are a number of materials that can be used for windows. The most common types of window material are wood, aluminium and upvc. Each one has its pros and cons, some better suited to certain climates than others more expensive or easier to maintain. It’s important that you consider all these factors when choosing […]

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grey bi-fold doors
29 October 2021

Best Windows & Doors For Traditional & Country-Style Homes

Are you building a traditional style home or cottage? There is no better way to finish off your design than with matching windows and doors. If you want to achieve a cohesive, stylish look of a heritage house but are unsure about which window style will work best, our guide can help! We’ve outlined some […]

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new composite doors
29 September 2021

How To Choose Front Door Style For Your Project?

There are many styles of front doors available for purchase today, but not all will fit in well with every style of the building. There are several factors to be considered  when choosing the right style of door for your project. The style, functionality and security are obviously at the forefront. Read more and learn […]

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18 August 2021

Why Choose Tilt & Turn Windows?

Tilt & turn windows have long been a popular option for home and business owners because of the many benefits they provide. They’re not only energy efficient, but also easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t matter if you want them for residential or commercial purposes because they work well on both types of construction. […]

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30 July 2021

What Are Roof Lanterns And Why Are They Popular

There’s a lot to love about roof lanterns and that’s why they’re catching on as one of the hottest items for homeowners. They not only offer an added design element but also provide functional benefits. The main advantage is natural light which can be beneficial when you have occupants in your home who are sensitive […]

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