Complete Guide To Window Frame Styles

Your windows play an important role in not only letting in light into your home but they can also completely transform the appearance of your home.

However, with so many different styles and materials available, when it comes to replacing your windows, it can be a daunting task. 

If you make the right choice then your windows can enhance the look of your home but if you get it wrong, they can look odd and out of place. So, it is important that you choose a style that matches the home’s aesthetic. 

But that can be easier said than done. 

That’s why our team has compiled a complete guide to window frame styles to make deciding on one style that much easier. 

Casement windows 

The casement window is one of the most popular window styles on the market. Attached to the frame by one or more hinges, with a turn of the handle, the casement windows open outwards. Thanks to their versatility in their design, they are available in many different styles, finishes and materials that will suit any style of property. 

As far as security is concerned, the casement window is extremely secure as ,unlike some other window styles, its hardware is concealed within the frame making it nearly impossible for burglars to tamper with.  

In terms of ventilation, casement windows can be opened fully to let in as much or as little fresh air you would like. 

Tilt and turn windows 

Tilt and turn windows are unique compared to other window styles and are able to open in one of two ways. They can either be open fully inwards like a casement window or they can be tilted from the bottom so the top of the window is angled into the room. This means that tilt and turn windows offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to ventilation as you don’t have to open the window fully to let fresh air in. The window can be tilted and adjusted depending on how much ventilation you want. 

Tilt and turn windows are also extremely practical as they make the cleaning process much simpler. By opening the window inwards you are able to easily clean the inside and outside of the window with just a turn of a handle. 

This style is also ideal for smaller spaces as it can be opened without having a large window opening into the room and taking up valuable space. 

Sliding sash windows 

The sliding sash windows have been a feature of homes for decades and today, thanks to advancements in technology, they are still a popular choice with homeowners looking to add a touch of character to their properties. 

Appearance isn’t the only thing that sliding sash windows have going for them, they can also be fitted with high-security locking systems or even Georgian bars for ultimate protection. 

Modern sliding sash windows keep all the charm of this timeless style of window and combine it with modern capabilities making them extremely durable, energy-efficient and robust. 

French casement windows 

French casement windows are a very popular choice mainly due to their added character and superb functionality. French windows are usually hinged double-paned windows that feature large glass areas which is ideal for letting in maximum natural light. 

French casement windows are available in an array of materials so you can find the perfect combination for your home. 

You won’t have to sacrifice security as French casement windows generally come with sophisticated locking systems to best protect your home from break-ins. 

Increased ventilation is a real draw for this style of window as you are able to open both sides of the windows for rapid airflow. 

Flush sash windows 

The flush sash window gets its name as the sashes finish flush with the external face of the window. Flush sash windows are designed to look sleek with a slimline profile. Regardless of the style of property, this window will create a timeless look and will add a touch of elegance to any home. 

These windows are a great choice for flooding your home with natural light giving the illusion of space. This not only helps to create a more welcoming and spacious environment but the added light will help to warm your home and, therefore, reducing your energy bills as a result. 

Sash horn windows 

Sash horn windows are designed to preserve the traditional look of box sash windows without having to compromise on the security and energy efficiency of more modern-style windows. 

Thanks to advancements in window technology you are able to maintain the traditional aesthetic of your property while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology which achieves the highest level of weather-tightness on the market.  

The addition of the sash horn helps to strengthen the frame of the window of sash windows whilst also adding a more decorative aesthetic. 

Choose windows from MLI Building Products 

No matter which style of window you choose for your project, it is important to choose a trusted window supplier to ensure that you receive only the highest quality products. 

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