Roof Lights

Roof lights, being directly on top of the home, are often the most effective way of letting in the light (other than having a conservatory, which lets light in through all angles via 100% transparent walls) from the sun above. As such, they’re in extremely high demand both amongst commercial developers and homeowners. Domestic roof lights are not only a great way of letting the sun into homes, but also a smart method of vastly increasing the property value – not a hard sell!

Gable-End Conservatories

Gable-ended conservatories are the epitome of grandeur.

With a high-angled roof, a gable-end conservatory instantly increases the visual value of a home. On top of the outdoor aesthetics, this stylish conservatory also allows a massive amount of sunlight to shine through into the actual home, creating a warm, airy atmosphere for the homeowner. Gable-end conservatories are a sound investment that lasts for years after installation.


If you’re really looking to create an additional living space for your home, an Orangery is the answer. Orangeries make use of thicker pillars with more brickwork than other conservatories, making them feel more like an internal room, while a flat roof with central lantern, allows more light into the room. This makes it an ideal choice for anybody looking for an additional space in which to relax or entertain.  

And of course, all Orangeries we supply are specified to the highest standards and provide unrivalled energy efficiency and security.

Bespoke Conservatories

With the versatility we provide from our wide range of products, we can work with you to design a conservatory that fits your lifestyle, personality and home perfectly. Choose from timber or uPVC frames, a range of roof styles, whether flat, pitched or lantern style and create the look that you want. 

All conservatories we supply, whether bespoke or otherwise, are guaranteed for ten years, as well as providing excellent energy efficiency and first class security.

Bi-Fold Doors

Create a panoramic view of your garden, with stylish bi-fold doors. Concealed hardware ensure the look of your doors is not compromised, while Yale locking mechanisms keep your home safe from intruders. Low thresholds limit trip hazards so you can enter and exit your home safely, bringing your inside and outside living spaces closer together. 

Market-leading energy efficiency help reduce your energy bills and help you keep your home cosy in the winter months, while innovative technology maximises the weather tightness of your new doors.

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors allow you to open up your home and bring the outside in, creating an airy and free-flowing space, without impacting on the space available in your home. Our revolutionary air-glide system offers super smooth action, while the Yale ModLok system offers exceptional home security. All patio doors are also designed to optimise the energy efficiency of your home and provide superb weather resistance.

French Doors

Our uPVC French Doors are developed with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure an outstanding finish, meaning the doors offer outstanding beauty and seamless functionality. Our doors offer excellent weather-tightness as well as energy efficiency, ensuring your home stays cosy in the winter, while flawless operation allows you to easily let the summer breeze into your home. 

And when it comes to security, there’s no compromise there either; all products are Kite Mark certified and fitted with Yale high security locks.

Stable Doors

For a flexible door operation, consider a stable door for your home. Stable doors are composed of two opening panels which can open together or separated to open independently of one another. This allows you to allow the breeze in during the Summer, while keeping pets secure in the home, or open the door to speak to a visitor, without enabling access to the home. 

All Stable doors offer our exceptional security, with the most secure locking mechanisms available, as well as superior energy efficiency.

Composite Doors

Composite doors offer increased security and durability for your home, while providing you with the versatility of a superb choice of styles. Composite doors are all available in modern finishes as well as classic styles, so you can achieve the aesthetic you want. 

And, although they look and feel like traditional timber doors, composite doors provide significantly enhanced energy efficiency, keeping your home cosy, and your heating bills low.

uPVC Doors

Your door is the gateway to your home and as such, makes a statement about you and your property to your visitors. Make the right statement with our range of residential doors! Choose from a wide range of styles and finishes that match your home, personality and lifestyle. uPVC doors are secure, durable and easy to maintain as well as fully customisable for the look you’ve always dreamed of.