Stable Doors

Stable doors offer flexibility and easy operation. They are composed of two opening panels which can open together or separated to open independently of one another.

Despite their construction, stable doors still offer a high level of security, due to their robust built and modern technology. They feature secure locking mechanisms, as well as superior energy efficiency.

All our trade stable doors come in a range of designs and colours and a choice of hardware.

Composite Doors

The benefits of composite doors are many and varied. They offer increased security, durability and enhanced look to your home or office. Available in a choice of designs and colours, they can be customised to suit any style requirements you have. If you would like more information about the different types of door we offer here at MLI Building Products then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today! Our team will happily answer all your questions so that you can choose which type best suits your needs.

Solidor Composite Doors

Our range of supply only Solidor composite doors has been expertly manufactured using only the best materials and the latest technology. Combining the authentic appearance of natural wood with the highest security level, our composite doors are a perfect choice for every project!

If you are looking for superior performance, excellent design and longevity – these doors are the best choice. Browse our wide selection of trade composite doors and choose the highest quality product for 100% satisfaction!

uPVC Doors

uPVC is probably the most commonly chosen material for doors these days and it is for a reason. Long-lasting, low-maintenance and good looking and most importantly – very affordable, uPVC has been extremely popular among our customers.

Our range of quality uPVC doors features a wide range of styles and finishes, so you can be sure to find the one that matches your requirements perfectly.

Apart from beautiful design, our doors are extremely well built, secure and low maintenance. What’s more, they have fantastic insulation properties and help lower energy bills.

Browse our wide selection of supply only uPVC doors and get in touch now to discuss your project further!

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer a scenic view with unobtrusive ventilation, allowing you to maximise the light and air in your property, without the windows getting in the way. Fully integrated and concealed mechanisms ensure a stylish finish, along with fantastic weather protection, noise reduction and energy efficiency. 

The tilt and turn mechanism is one of many features that makes this window so easy to use and maintain.

Manufactured using the best materials and according to the latest technology – our range of trade tilt & turn windows offers great performance, versatility and durability.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows allow to recreate the timeless charm of sash windows, traditionally found on older style properties. Combining latest technology and quality materials with the traditional aesthetic – sliding sash windows are a truly versatile choice.

When you want quality windows, look no further than sliding sash window. These windows are designed to last for decades and provide excellent insulation. They also have a very low U value which means they will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter while still providing outstanding soundproofing. If you’re looking for durable, energy efficient and robust windows that don’t compromise on quality, then sliding sash is what you need! Contact us today for more information.

Get in touch now to discuss your project and the products you need and we will supply them at an affordable price.

Sash Horn Windows

Sash horn windows are designed to preserve the traditional look of box sash windows without compromising on the security and energy efficiency of more contemporary style windows. This enables you to maintain the traditional aesthetic of your property while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology which achieves the highest level of weather-tightness in the market.  

The mechanism is fully hidden within the frame, all of which are diligently hand finished to ensure a quality result every time.

Our range of sash horn windows features only the best products, manufactured according to the latest technology and using the best materials. We offer competitive prices and quick turnaround. Get in touch now!

Flush Sash Windows

Our flush sash windows are designed to recreate the traditional elegance of timber joinery, while offering outstanding energy efficiency and security. Cutting edge technology ensures these windows retain the heat, while the range of styles and finishes available offers a wide choice of options.

When it comes to security, there’s no compromise there either, as all flush sash windows are equipped with shoot-bolt locking, guaranteed for 10 years.

We only supply the best products and offer competitive prices and quick turnaround. Get in touch now to discuss your needs!

French Casement Windows

With 90 degree opening and no central pillar, French casement windows allow more light and air into the interior. By maximising light and ventilation, these are an ideal addition to smaller rooms.

French casement windows comply with all building safety regulations and the ‘egress hinge’ allows the window to be fully opened to serve as an escape route in an emergency.

All French casement windows supplied by us have been expertly manufactured using the latest technology and best materials.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular products as they are versatile enough to be fitted for most properties whilst providing excellent security, high energy ratings and overall energy efficiency.

Our windows combine state-of-the-art technology with modern aesthetics to provide unrivalled energy efficiency with beautiful, ultra-slim sight lines. With the addition of Yale high security locking, these windows will not just look great, but they’ll enhance the security of the property, with a Yale, lifetime security guarantee. 

All of our casement windows are entirely lead-free and completely recyclable, meaning they are better for the environment and meet UK and EU legislation ahead of time.

We supply a range of casement windows, all tailored to your exact requirements and measurements.